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Ningalukkum Aakam Kodeeswaran is a Malayalam primetime quiz and human drama show.Each player will be asked fifteen questions, the prizes starting at Rs. 1000 and leading up to Rs. 1 crore. The first five questions are considered to be relatively easy. The player has 30 seconds per question. The second five are relatively harder. The time limit for these are 45 seconds per question. The final five are considered to be the most difficult hard and become increasingly more so. These have no timer.


Ten short-listed contestants play a ‘Fastest Finger First’ question which requires them to place four events, names or similar details in the correct order. The contestant who gives the correct answer first plays the main game first. There can be, and generally is, more than one player per programme.

The show’s host asks each contestant a number of multiple-choice questions. Of the four options only one is correct. Players answer correctly to win an amount of money. They are then shown the next question and four answers. Successive questions are worth a greater sum of money. In most cases this is double the previous sum. Players who answer question numbers five and ten correctly find themselves in a situation where their winnings are ‘safe.’ This means they will not lose their winnings under any circumstances. This allows the players to hazard a guess for question six and question eleven.

Players answering a question incorrectly are eliminated from the game and their winnings go back to the previous ‘safe’ amount. If the contestant was in the process of answering questions one to five, the safe amount would be zero; for those answering questions six to ten, the safe amount will be Rs. 10,000, and for questions eleven to fifteen, it will be Rs. 3,20,000.

Players can decide to stop at any time, after seeing the next question, and take the winnings they have accumulated up to that point. For assistance, the contestant can use one, two or all three ‘lifelines’ at any time during the game.

Contestants can use a lifeline when they are undecided which answer is correct. A contestant can use each lifeline only once. He can also use all lifelines on one question.



When the player chooses this lifeline, the host tells the computer to randomly eliminate two of the ‘wrong’ answers. This will leave one right answer and one randomly selected wrong answer.

Audience Poll

The host repeats the question to the studio audience. When requested, the audience must now press a button in front of them within ten seconds to indicate which option they think is correct answer. The computer then displays the results as a percentage to help the player make a choice.

Phone A Friend

With this lifeline, the player may call one of up to three pre-arranged friends and ask for help. The host calls the player’s friend and introduces him/her to the viewers. The question is only read out by the contestant to the phone friend once the host allows him or her to. The phone friend has thirty seconds to answer.

More about the show

Players must choose answers wisely or else they risk losing the opportunity to win Rs. 1 crore. In a typical episode, only two or three contestants reach the Hot Seat and play the Rs. 1 crore question.

When a player gets eliminated, another contestant comes in who goes through the same process of reaching the hot seat. If the running time of the programme expires while a contestant is still playing they are invited to return on the next programme to continue.

Once a player has been in the hot seat, he or she can never return to it in the “normal” show program.



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