Q. Who can register?

Anyone who is an Indian citizen, residing in India and of 18 years or above on the date of registration can register for ‘Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeswaran’. No person can participate on behalf of another person.

Q. When will the lines be open for registration?

Registration lines (both IVRS – phone and SMS messaging) are open from 18:30:00 hrs on January 28, 2012, when the first question goes on air, till 18:00:00 hrs on February 5, 2012 for all viewers. The schedule of on air registration questions during this period will be as below:

S.No  Date Time
1 January 28, 2012 18.30:00
2 January 29, 2012 18.30:00
3 January 30, 2012 18.30:00
4 January 31, 2012 18.30:00
5 February 01, 2012 18.30:00
6 February 02, 2012 18.30:00
7 February 03, 2012 18.30:00
8 February 04, 2012 18.30:00
Date Time
January 29, 2012 18:00:00
January 30, 2012 18.00:00
January 31, 2012 18.00:00
February 01, 2012 18.00:00
February 02, 2012 18.00:00
February 03, 2012 18.00:00
February 04, 2012 18.00:00
February 05, 2012 18.00:00

Q. What are the different modes of registration?
A. You can register by answering the on-air question through an SMS or by calling on the IVR number. The registration details of the numbers to be dialled for IVR and short code for sending SMS with the answer options are listed below:
SMS 57827
Dial 505782775 for option A
Dial 505782776 for option B
Dial 505782777 for option C
Dial 505782778 for option D

Q. On what number and in which format do I have to send the SMS?
A. Subscribers of all operators can send in their SMSs to 57827. All registration through SMSs need to be in the following format:
“NAK” <space> “YOUR ANSWER OPTION” [A/B/C/D] to 57827
On receiving the SMS in the aforementioned format, contestant will be sent a text message thanking him/her for completing STEP 1 of the registration process and will now be asked to enter:
“GENDER” <space>“AGE” <space>” PINCODE”

Q. What number can I call to register my answer?
A. Landline subscribers of BSNL and Mobile subscribers can call on the following numbers (for the respective answer option). For e.g.
Dial 505782775 for option A
Dial 505782776 for option B
Dial 505782777 for option C
Dial 505782778 for option D

Q. What will it cost me to call or send an SMS? 
A. SMS: Every SMS sent to the registration numbers will be charged as below.

VODAFONE Rs. 5 per message
AIRTEL Rs. 3 per message
IDEA Rs. 5 per message
AIRCEL Rs. 5 per message
TATA DOCOMO Rs. 5 per message
IVR: All calls made to the registration numbers will be charged as below.
Airtel – Rs 6/min
Aircel – Rs 2/min
Vodafone – Rs. 6/min
Idea – Rs. 6.99/min
BSNL LandLine – Rs. 2.40/min
Reliance – Rs. 6/min
Tata CDMA & Docomo – Rs. 6/min
Roaming rates will also apply and Registrant should contact the telecom service provider for the applicable rates

Q. Can I send more than one SMS / make more than one call?
A. Yes, there is no restriction on sending SMS or make calls for reaching the auditions. However, there is no weightage given to number of calls made / SMSs sent at the time of shortlisting for auditions. The final selection is made on a random basis from amongst all valid and correct registrations received and if a person has been selected once, he is not eligible to be selected again in the same audition shortlist.

Q.When will I know the result of the registration?
A. If the answer provided by you was both valid and correct and you were selected in the random shortlist, you will receive a call from us in around five (5) working days from the date of close of registration lines for that question.

Q. How will I know the result of the registration?
A. If the answer provided by you was both valid and correct and you were selected in the random shortlist, we will get in touch with you on your registered number.


Q. Where and when will the auditions be conducted?
A. The auditions will be held at the following 3 cities as per the defined schedule:

Audition Venue Audition Date
Calicut – February 12, 2012
Cochin – February 14, 2012
Trivandrum – February 19, 2012
Please note that the dates are tentative and might change subsequently.

Q. Can I choose my preferred city for audition? 
A. No. You will not be able to choose location for auditions, a city chosen by us will be offered to all shortlisted Registrants. If the shortlisted Registrant chooses to decline the same, he renounces further participation in NAK

Q. What if I am unable to make it for the auditions?
A. Inability to attend the auditions on the specified date, time and location will close and/or terminate further participation in NAK.

Q. What will I be required to do at the auditions?
A. Each auditionee will be made to go through two pre-defined audition rounds.
The first round will involve answering skill-based questions, the second round will be a video round where the auditionee will have to give a personal interview.

Q. Will I have to bear all expenses in order to be present for the audition round? 
A. Yes, all expenses directly or indirectly connected with being present for the auditions (travel, conveyance, lodging, stay, meals, etc.) will be borne by the auditionee.

Q. How will I know the result of the audition round?
A. The Auditionees who are shortlisted on the basis of the audition round will get a call from us informing them of selection in the Fastest Finger First round of the show.



Q. What are the selection criteria?
A. The main criteria for selection is your general knowledge and grasp over current affairs, which is evaluated across various stages. In addition, there is also an interview round and audition at the final stage where your personality and screen presence are also evaluated.

Q. I have a query. Whom can I ask?
A. Please send your queries to [email protected] and we will try to revert as soon as we can. Alternately, you can refer to our terms and conditions on

Q. Where can I read detailed terms and conditions governing Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeswaran?
A. The detailed terms and conditions governing the game show will be available on

Q. How many times can I participate?
A. Each registrant can be shortlisted only once for an audition in one schedule of registrations. However, there is no restriction on the number of times a viewer can participate through registration SMS/ call.

Q. What is the Prize Money?
A. The person who gets on the hot seat and gets all the questions right will win Rs 1 crore. The prize amount will be subject to tax as per government rules.

Q. Some people claim that they can help get entry to NAK. Is it possible?
A. The only way to enter NAK is thru participation in the registration process as described in Rules and Regulations. There is no other way of entering NAK. This entire process is transparent and monitored by an independent Firm. Any person claiming that he/she can help get you on the show for a consideration is defrauding you. Please contact your local police and report this person.

Q. I got a call after answering the question asked on TV, but no one has called me after that. Have I been selected ?
A.The call you received was because you were among the short-listed registrants selected by the computer. However, this does not mean that you have been selected. We will be contacting the successful candidates who have made it to the next round.


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